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september matches

sunday 2nd sept. stalham 1st.220lb 2nd.141.01 3rd. 131.10
sat.       8th  sept. romany. 1st144.07lb. 2nd.142.02 3rd 90.12
tues.     11th sept maggots  !st.69.00lb  2nd.56.04   3rd.31.00
sun       16th sept  Dukes    1st.97.05lb  2nd.85.00   3rd.63.10
wed      19th sept cardio a.  1st.DISQ    2nd.59.08  3rd50.08 4th.49.00
sun       23rd sept dereham  1st.87.13lb  2nd.75.13  3rd. 72.00
tues      25th sept  thorpe    1st, 78.02 lb  2nd. 45.10 3rd, 36.08
sun       30th sept  docking. 1st.73.13 lb.  2nd. 36.08 3rd.34.14
DISQ for having over 50 lb in a net.

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